s is s○till seen ●by many as an inap●propriate pasti◆me, especially f○or students.The◆ course is not meant◆ to challenge tradi〓tional thinking, s●aid Chen. "I○ like playing games,● but

I deeply ●understand the probl◆ems that gam●es have caused."●Chen predicted ○many students ●will be invol〓ved into the game ○industry eithe○r through ○employment or i●nvestment, as th●

e industry may deve■lop into a back■bone of the en■tertainment in◆dustry bef●ore long.A report f〓rom the Wa■ll Street Jou◆rnal reveals ■that almost all Ch■inese people have m●obile phon

es ■and one-third of pho■ne users are game p●layers."In 20 years,〓 Chinese people o◆f all ages■ have play●ed electronic games ○and the developm○ent of the indus○try will affect ma■ny pe

ople," said C◆hen. "Our students a○re projected to mak◆e or enforce■ policies.◆ It matters how they● think and l●ead the industr●y's development.""◆I have a se◆nse of mission. ●I want m

ore student○s know what electron◆ic games are -- t●he benefits an〓d problems," ■he said.In resp●onse to widespread c■riticism of elect■ronic games lurin◆g adolescents ○into addiction○,

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Chen believes the● government●, game com○panies and par○ents should work to◆gether to change t■he situation."In th■e future, t●he governm■ent can or●der biological de〓tectors to be i■nstalled on all g◆ames, to i●dentify whethe◆r the player is an ■adolescent through ●fingerprints and 〓irises," Chen sa〓id.Also, game compan◆ies should have m〓oral standards w●hen developin○g games and paren●ts should not s?/p>

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ends on a ga●me. "Playing○ consumes nationa●l productivity," s●aid Chen. "Game comp○anies earn○ profits fro◆m games b

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u■t also have t■o pay for the pro◆ductivity cons◆umed in playing g〓ames."Chen's cour〓se on electronic ○games is not a

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